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Want to be the Best? Then you may need the “Magic Finger”

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Want to be the Best? Then you may need the “Magic Finger”

September 2, 2020

By Mark HelmsOwner / Sound and Vision Media, Boston, MA

Want to be the Best? Then you may need the “Magic Finger”

“The art of bizarre television and internet ads that gets Results!”

As a copywriter and director, it is always fun to think outside the box. Well, honestly, at least 20 to 30 miles outside of the box if you can. Perhaps you will actually be able to see this theory in practice in the videos below. Anyways, here is how it all works in T.V. and targeted content video land.

Rule number one: Always work closely with your client so that you both understand the “End Game”, Which is most often to promote and sell the most for them whenever and wherever the fish are biting. So Yes! – Timing and creativity are absolutely everything! This might be broadcasted on local Television, Digital TV campaigns, Hyper-targeted online video campaigns, via Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube pre-roll, etc.

Rule number two: Why would ever want to make a massive budget production out of a simple crazy idea?? We did not go overboard on production costs in the commercials you will see after you read this article.

So here is the deal, you first put pen to paper, and please please please make sure that your client buys into your ideals, the reasons behind them, and your boundless enthusiasm, as well as any of the other proven successful campaigns you have performed, and then “away we go”, cast it well, and get the cameras rolling!

The easiest part about working for one of my clients, Allan Rogers, owner of Warrendale Appliance in Waltham is the simple fact that his company already has its role down pat! 

I myself, truly believe that they are the best Appliance store in New England, and for price, service, delivery, and savings, I would have to give them a solid “10.” They know who they are and what they can uniquely offer that no other Appliance outlet can, and they “Own It’!

That is all great stuff, but we must connect to the right people who need these appliances at the right moment, or it is all for naught. That is why my staff of shooters, editors, audio engineers, and analytics people are always there ready to dive in! However, here is the kicker;  You must hold the audience’s attention from second number 1, and in this case (30 second commercial) all the way to the last fame; second number 30!

Now here is the great thing that I love about Allan Rogers, and the reason I love all of my clients, for that matter. Allan is never afraid to stretch out into the land of “random absurdity” occasionally, which is usually my permanent place of residence. So, what does any of this really have to do with the “Magic Finger”??? Aha, you remembered the Magic Finger. So as I was speaking to Allan ( in the person of course – which I strongly recommend ) about something that we could do that was new, unique, different, and a little crazy and could still let everyone in New England know that Warrendale Appliance of Waltham, Massachusetts is the Appliance king for all homeowners and developers across the Northeast!

Now, I know that everyone has new and unique ideas, however I had to relay these ideas to the owner of the store, Allan Rogers, and also prove that they indeed have a huge selection of appliances and they are all at unbelievably Low Low Low prices! But wait!! There is more!!

These guys even sell incredibly comfortable mattresses as well. Yes! You heard me right, you can actually get your best deal on the highest quality mattresses in New England in an Appliance store!!  Wow! Can you imagine?? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time on these mattresses and they really are the best I’ve ever seen! My dad, Don Helms, said – “Son, why would anybody buy their mattresses in an expletive***  Appliance store anyways??” I said “Dear Dad, you are right, but Warrendale Appliance does an amazing amount of mattress business every day and at “comfortable” prices too”, so you can stop laughing now.”

Now for the “Magic Finger” part! So, I say to Allan, ‘Hey Allan, did you ever wish that you had superpowers?  Allan says, well …hmmm….No…not really! Then I said, “Great – Well start imagining and believing in them now and we can both bring this to life in only a few seconds of footage. So I told him,“ For now, let’s forget about the normal business owner Allan Rogers for a second, and let’s turn you into “ The Man with the Magic Finger.” In this commercial (In both English and Spanish) I want you (Allan) to point at certain appliances in the store and for a brief amount in time, you will have the power to send an electrical surge right out of the tip of your index finger….and ZAP!!!!… The prices drop way way way LOW!!! Allan, saw his small profits diminish and shrugged and said – Okay!!

Now, the director of photography and cinematographer Kevin Bowers, told me we could accomplish this all in the store, in one afternoon with Allan and some actors, and a lot of time in post-production to create a strange purple electrified “Money Saving” surge, with a cool electrified sound to boot, emitting from his Magic finger and – Whammo! – Lower all the prices!!!! Then I said -” Hey, enough of this chit chat, let’s start shooting this thing!”

I wrote a full descriptive script in English and Spanish, Allan approved it and then we set up the shoot date and knocked it out!

So there you have it! This is really how Allan Rogers practically sells out this store every time we run these crazy commercials on Television or on on-line targeted commercial campaigns!

Here are some behind the scenes photos, and the final commercials in English and Spanish. Weird? Absolutely!! Effective? Definitely!

Mark Helms

Owner Sound and Vision Media

Boston’s leading video production company

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