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Full Sevice Studio

Video Production & Green Screen Studio

Sound and Vision Media Is a Full-Service Video Production Company

What does that mean exactly? It means that our video services can handle every phase to develop the concept, writing the script to cast actors, shooting, editing, and distribution.

All video services are in-house, which means fewer people to deal with, fewer headaches, more straightforward billing, and a work-flow that can often save you time and money.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that we can handle every phase of video production, targetted video marketing, broadcast-quality audio production, all working together to develop your concept and brand and your million dollar mesage. We write the video scripts, we are songwriters and producers, and we also offer full casting services. Providing the actors with complete filming, editing, and post-production services. We offer a targetted, and proven distribution method that will maximize your company, your brand, and your message.

All our services are in-house, and our productive day to day work-flow can save you time and money.

Video Production

Have an idea for a video but don’t know how to get started?

Our experienced in-house Boston video producers will work with you to develop the right concepts and scripts within your budget. Doing the proper pre-production, such as creating storyboards and location scouting, can save you time and money. When you are ready to shoot, we can staff and equip any size production from Hollywood-style film production to a quick 2-man crew for an interview. Whether it’s a corporate video, a marketing video, a local or national television commercial, or a viral video for the web, our production department can handle all your video production needs. If you are looking for the best Video Production company in Boston, MA, you just found us!

Green Screen

Our studio features a 15 x 25-foot retractable green screen, perfect for a wide variety of customized shoots. It is pre-lit with a standard lighting setup but has room on the grid to accommodate a wide range of custom shots. The studio can be rented with various equipment packages to meet your budget. Optional equipment could include single or multi-camera packages, camera crane, dolly, additional lights, and studio crew. We also offer a variety of portable green screen packages that we can bring on location. Contact us to put together a package that meets the requirements of your production and your budget.


Capturing great footage is only half of the job. Our video services bring this footage together to tell your story engagingly is just as important. Our experienced producers, editors, graphic designers and sound engineers are here to make your projects come to life. Timing and pacing, compelling graphics, the right music, voice-over, and sound effects; all come together in our audio recording studio and three HD video editing suites. As they say, this is where the magic happens. When it’s all finished, we can deliver final projects on any of the current digital video formats, DVD and Blu-Ray. Regardless of your budget, your market, or your style, we can work with you to create a video that will achieve your production and marketing goals.

Television Commercials

Sound & Vision Media has been producing Video Services, television commercials in the Boston area for almost three decades.

Our experienced staff can guide you through the television commercial production process, from concept and scripting to buying ad time and ad placement.

We also can upload completed television commercials directly to the broadcast stations for incredibly fast turn-around. We have produced commercials for many of the major retailers in New England as well as national and international businesses and institutions.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos come in many different ways, from promotion and sales, internal training, and new employee introductions to company profiles and mission statements. What they all have in common is the need to deliver an engaging message while maintaining corporate standards. Sound and Vision Media has extensive experience creating corporate videos that produce results for both multinational corporations and small local businesses. Whether it’s a profile video for your next corporate event or a quick viral video for your blog, our production team will make sure it is on message and budget.

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