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Green Screen

The Magic Of Boston Green Screen!

Why Is Boston Green Screen So Awesome?

Green Screen Boston is a full-size seamless green screen studio in Boston MA.

We are a fully equipped production studio. This allows us to work directly with you on-site or on location to make the project dreams a reality.

Our mobile set up works just as well as our in-house green screen studio.

An example of a green screen is what you see during weather broadcasts. The reporter is standing in front of what appears to be a map. In reality, these broadcasters are in front of a green screen. We utilize chroma-keying, which is the process of digitally adjusting colors in the background of a photo or video. It’s important that the in-studio background is uniform and distinct; green is typically used because it doesn’t share hues with most skin tones.

Don’t worry about the details of video production. Our expert videographers and post-production crew and video editors can answer any questions you may have. From price quote inquiries to more information about how green screen videos work, contact Sound & Vision Media of Boston MA.

Show your audience exactly what you’re made of with a finished product from our production studios.

Our video production studio is located at 372 Squire Road in Revere, MA.

This makes it easy to reach from all over the Greater Boston area.

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