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Webcasting & Live Streaming for Virtual Meeting & Events

Webcasting & Live Streaming for Virtual Meeting & Events 


You can now easily distribute virtual events to your team members across the globe and keep your business running smoothly. We make the whole process easy so that anyone can share, stream, and view, all-in-one easy step.

Sound & Vision Media is the Perfect Choice for You Live Event.

Live event videos all begin when our Boston video crews prepare weeks ahead in order to assure that you have a perfect finished product.

We like to meet with the client early so that we can obtain a clear understanding of the project in detail.

In many cases, live streaming is required. Recording all the video footage of events is either live-streamed or edited later.

The video crew will know the location of all power outlets, safe locations for cameras, tripods, and all support gear.

Every Event Has Different Requirements

The typical practice is to provide the client with complete coverage from start to finish so that there are no breaks or delays.

After the video shoot, the digital files can then be edited and uploaded to your desired social platform, so that it can be viewed easily by anyone!

Types of Live Events

Live video production includes the coverage of all types of events anywhere.

These live streaming events can be Corporate conferences, weddings, sporting events, music concerts, or webinars.

We have also streamed fashion shows, trade shows, seminars, and political rallies. Sales training videos and all corporate events are also our specialties.

Live Streaming

For live webcasting production, a Global CDN (content delivery network) is provided to guarantee 100%  secure live streaming, independent of the event location.

The team will manage all pre-production planning and all of the necessary equipment.

Working with some of the largest corporations in the world makes this an easy task for us. Supporting small to large businesses for webcasting and live streaming is our passion.

We Deliver Quality Live Streaming Video in Boston

You need professionals behind the camera with the right audio equipment. We are professionals at covering any live events without missing details while adding creativity and style.

At our Boston Video Production company, we have over 25 years of experience in shooting and producing live video events.

Producing compelling video content is what you need and this is exactly what we excel on every project.

If you want in-house or mobile green screen production for your video marketing campaigns, then we are here to help whenever you need us.

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