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Website SEO

Website SEO

At Sound & Vision Media, we push to make sure that your website design is powerful, easy to operate, and practical.

 Today’s websites can be programmed to do all of the work for you. The best marketing engine that you can have is a functional website design, one that draws new customers and inspires your current consumer base.



Our designers will discuss and brainstorm the best approach to your new website.

We determine your target audience and focus on catching their interest.

We find out who your online competitors are to see if we can do things more efficiently.


We take all of your information and try to communicate those ideas visually.

We pay extra attention to creating a website with user-friendly mobile navigation and interactivity.

The result is a home page draft that provides a clear & focused direction.


Upon approval of a design layout, our designers start building your site.

Content from your previous website is re-purposed.

Feedback from the client is crucial to ensuring that this phase goes smoothly.


Before launching your site, we meticulously comb through every aspect of your website to ensure a smooth experience optimization stage of all that the web has to offer.

We will also optimize each page with all of the pertinent information necessary to make sure that people find you.

Our Boston Web Design Department is able to meet many of your needs for instance;

Site Creation

Site Management

Database Development

Product Catalogs

Content Management Systems i.e. Joomla

E-Commerce Shopping Carts

Custom Applications

Rich Media Applications (slideshows, moving logos, etc.)

Photo Services (color correction, editing, photoshoots)

Video Services (production and integration)

Audio Services

Search Engine Optimization

Since all of the production occurs in-house, we are able to maintain a very high level of quality, security, and site maintenance. Rich media and careful execution will give your unique website a world-class presence.

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