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Making an iconic TV commercial even better!

Making an iconic TV commercial even better!

July 30, 2020

Making an iconic TV commercial even better!

Attorney Barry Feinstein has been running successful TV commercials with Sound and Vision Media for over 20 years. Barry understands that when you have a winning commercial campaign, you must track it continually, make improvements, then monitor the results over the years. That is precisely what Boston video production company Sound and Vision Media does.

Barry’s idea was to make this more about Boston, the city, its people, and to create new and better television commercials. What you see in this video is one of the many steps necessary to create compelling TV commercials. Mark Helms had an idea for a script modification, and, within minutes, he was working with engineers Fernando Sanchez and Danny Donator to record the updates.

Mark has the thought and the vision for commercial television scripts; this is part of the process on how to make a great TV commercial or an online video campaign.

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