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Business Videos

Business Videos

May 1, 2017

12 Tips on How to Produce High Quality Business Videos

Article Courtesy of:  MakTechBlog – Posted by Mayank


High quality business videos are key.

Video marketing is changing the dynamics of online promotion. 

With easy-to-use animation video maker programs available now, business owners and managers can create and post their own professional-looking videos to reach their target audience with their brand’s message. This is a relatively new marketing mode and most people don’t know how to go about developing more effective promotional videos. This guide provides you 12 tips on how to go about producing high-quality, client-compelling videos.

1. Create a Good Script & Concept
An engaging script is the foundation of business videos. Determine the video’s format. Will it be a product demo or someone will be talking a worded script. Once you have created the outline, add the details, and follow this up with story-boarding. Remember, the script is the heart of a video and it should have lots of substance.

2. Tell an Engaging Story
People are more likely to watch a video to gain the desired information than read through a long copy. However, it is important that that video is engaging and keeps them glued to their seats. Telling your brand message in the form of an interesting story can be the perfect way to achieve this. Make sure there is a plan behind the story and it should lead your viewers to your product or brand. It is likely that your product may need more than one explainer video to help explore all its features and benefits. So you can create a series of videos so that your audience waits for the next engaging video in the ‘story’.

3. Keep it Simple
If you want your business video to be effective, make sure to keep it simple. There should be no corporate jargon in it. Your potential customers want to understand what your business does and how it can solve their problem. It may seem a good idea to add lots of details, but that is more likely to confuse them and send them away.

A good explainer video tells a good story, keeps it simple and provides solutions to their problems. Also keep it brief and compelling and focused around a targeted message. Don’t try to provide all the features and benefits in the same video. Avoid the common business words and professional jargon.

4. Include Your Customers or Employees
When you include real customers or employees it helps add authenticity to your corporate video. People are more drawn to a promotional video if it features real customers who have benefited from the brand. When you feature your employees, your potential customers will also get to know the people working in your organization.

5. Mobile Optimized Videos
Every time you create a video using a video maker, make sure it is mobile optimized so that it can be played on all the commonly used devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop. Videos have very high viewing rates on mobile devices. If you ignore this segment, you are missing out on almost 50% of your viewers.

6. Plan Video Distribution
Once you have created a video using an online video maker, you will have to post and share it in different online platforms. It is recommended to plan its distribution even before you have created it. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Facebook should be the most important platforms where your business videos should be promoted. Also make sure to embed the video in your website and blog. You can also link to it within your articles, press releases, and newsletters.



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