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The Breeze Bag – The Ultimate Beach Bag

The Breeze Bag – The Ultimate Beach Bag

July 3, 2020






Designed for sun, sea, sand & fun, The Breeze is the ultimate beach bag. Configurable, organized, convertible, adaptable, and it’s built to last so it’s ready for whatever adventure awaits.

Everyone loves a beach tote. And so do we.

But we were frustrated by its’ limitations and knew it could be so much more! So we redesigned the beach tote from the sand up – giving it a long overdue 21st century upgrade. With patent-pending designs, increased functionality, and pockets galore, The Breeze makes getting to and from the beach and everywhere in between stress and hassle-free.

You know when you arrive at the beach and you’ve got a trek ahead? And your overloaded tote is digging into your shoulder? And you are trying to man the kids and the cooler? And it’s hot…

Well, that’s why we made this tote a convertible. Simply pull out the straps and – voila! – your beach tote becomes a backpack! So you can get to your destination with ease while your hands are free for more important things.

We built The Breeze to stand up to harsh conditions. Made from industrial canvas, heavy-duty neoprene, water-resistant sail cloth, industrial elastic, and stainless steel hardware, The Breeze Bag plays hard so that you can too. And when the play is done, these sea-worthy materials make it easy to clean.

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