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Starting a Video Project?

Check out our Video Production Tips because there’s a Lot More to Great Video than Purchasing all the Best Gear.

It Can be Intimidating … The smallest missed detail could scrap the entire project and require starting over.

Video Production Tips:

  1. Pre-Production! Do you have a shooting script that everyone agreed on?  Focus your efforts on managing your team and actors rather than figuring out last-minute issues. The more time you spend on sweating the details prior to the shoot the better.
  2. Only One Camera?  A single camera shoot requires even more pre-production planning.
  3. Prep the Principals – By now, you and your crew should know what is expected of your crew, actors and extras.  You have a storyboard right?
    Check out: Software and How to–cms-26374
  4. Plan the B-Roll
  5. Composition / The Rule of Thirds  LINK:
  6. Lighting / Natural vs Artificial – All professional videographers and photographers will tell you:  “Control the Light”
  7. Know Your Camera – Check White Balance and More …
  8. Lighting is Important – Keep it Even, make sure you flatter you subjects.
  9. On Location?  Are You Prepared?  Is the Location Ready?  Have You Tested the Audio Prior to the Shoot?
  10. Use the best tripod available from an AV rental house or buy the best you can afford.
  11. Plan Multiple Takes.  Cover Yourself.
  12. Use the Best Video Editing Software.  These editing programs are expensive for a good reason.
  13. Dump all Non-Essential Footage BEFORE Assembling a Rough Cut.
  14. Not an Experienced Editor?  Consider hiring a pro.  There is a rookie tendency to overdo effects.  Also, videos that are not visually interesting and run to long will quickly lose an audience.
  15. Music!  Is it suitable? Does it add to the final product?  Do you have the rights? Don’t violate any copyrights. Know the pitfalls. Consider public domain, royalty free music. – –
  16. Even the Best Video Editing Software and Stock Footage Can’t Fix Everything.  We told you already to plan everything to the last detail.  There’s nothing worse than coming back to office knowing that you forgot several shots and lost key audio.
  17. Talk to a Professional.  Hopefully we have provided some good information and ideas that will get everyone on your team moving in the right direction.

When video production services are done right, they’re not a cost; they’re an investment.

Video Production Tips - TV Commercial - Sound and Vision Media - Photography by: Dan Perez de la Garza -Mercedes-Benz Portsmouth NH - Video Production Boston

I bought that expensive camera, lights and microphones, however I didn’t manage my expectations.  The final product needs a lot of work.

So your department head or boss asked you to produce a new marketing video for your product or service.  Where do you start?

You may find yourself scrambling online for ideas and video production tips and techniques.  Do you have to put together a budget for equipment which includes a timeline to completion?

After considering all the options, you may find it’s more cost and time effective to hire an experienced, full-service studio.

A poorly shot video can hurt your brand, so, unless you prior experience, it’s not always productive to do it yourself.

Hiring a seasoned and talented video production company typically won’t break your budget.

Your boss is happy with the results, the video is getting clicked, and you get to keep your job.


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