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VIDEO: Robert Pappalardo – U.S. Pavement Services

VIDEO: Robert Pappalardo – U.S. Pavement Services

August 25, 2016

Here’s what the US Pavement project leader, Robert Pappalardo, had to say.

How to Make USA’s Leading Parking Lot Maintenance and Construction Company Videos Entertaining & Informative!

U.S. Pavement Services is ranked as a TOP 50 contractor and a member of the INC’s 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America.

U.S. Pavement chose Sound and Vision Media to produce a variety of custom video projects.  In order to explain and present all of their services step by step, Sound and Vision employed key production techniques.  Animation, explainer videos, GoPro cameras, aerial drones, attention getting music, broadcast cameras, step by step processes, creative editing and more, all contributed to a highly effective final product.

The end result are videos that show, in detail, U.S Pavement planning, preparation, execution and paving services effectively to their prospective clients.

It was essential that these corporate marketing and company overview videos and animated sequences, had to look perfect. After checking out several other producers, we are proud to say that Sound and Vision Media met their stringent quality, branding and budget expectations.

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