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Network, Cable, or Independent Video Production Company?

Network, Cable, or Independent Video Production Company?

February 27, 2013

Sometimes the choice is obvious. If your company is looking to produce a television or radio commercial to help market your service or product, there are some important factors to consider. All three companies are capable of producing quality commercials, but there are numerous advantages of using an independent production company.
Quite often cable and network companies claim to produce a commercial for less then an independent.
That’s because they usually make it up in the cost of the media buy. Another issue is that cable companies will not let you use the commercial nor any of the footage to run on local networks.
In the same respect, a Boston television station will not release their production or footage if you want to broadcast it on a different network.
This puts the buyer at a great disadvantage. If either a cable company or network affiliate is offering better rates or a weekend fire sale, you’re basically out of luck.

The other advantage of using an independent Boston video production company is that they work for you, not the television station. The independent production company’s media buyers are looking out for your interest and not a salesperson’s commission associated with the station that produced your commercial.

Quite often independents also offer other market related services such as independent media buying, web design, web marketing, and more; such as up loading your commercial to YouTube or even to your own website.

The other factor to consider is that often network affiliates don’t have in house commercial production and may give the job to the lowest bidder. This results in inferior production! If they do have in house production it has to be done around their already busy shooting schedules, which could result in delays or rushed projects.

In summary, an independent production company with cross-promotional marketing expertise is always your best bet for a quality commercial.

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