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Marylou’s TV Commercial

Marylou’s TV Commercial

December 7, 2017


Let’s Have Some FUN with Marylous TV Commercial.

Please don’t try this at home!

The Sound and Vision creative writing team came up with the Bad Idea / Good Idea scenario after watching hours of Jackass videos on YouTube.

Our team of directors and writers including, Mark Helms, Corey Nichols and Peter Tram, wanted to express clearly that going to Marylou’s for Coffee or any of their specialty drinks was always a good idea.

The challenge was how to get people to really understand that Marylou’s DOES have the best coffee in town and so… the real question became how to get our TV and internet audience to remember this in a fun and creative way.

Both Mark Helms and Corey Nichols were very concerned with the young man, lying on the ground, who was holding the golf ball with a tee in his mouth.

After reassuring him that the club would actually never hit his face, the shoot progressed perfectly.

The final result was an iconic Marylous TV commercial that clearly shows that going to Marylou’s for coffee is always a good idea!

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Photography by: Dan Perez de la Garza


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