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How to select a video company.

How to select a video company.

February 11, 2013

How to select a video company?

There are all kinds of people who claim to be videographers but what are their credentials and how can you pick one that will suit your needs.

How dependable are they?

Is it a one person operation? What happens if they get sick or injured? What about their other deadlines and commitments. Are they easy to get in touch with, or do you get an answering machine when you call? Do they have the resources if a piece of equipment is damaged to replace it right away? Do they back up their files? Do they have insurance in case they are injured on your premises or they damage your property?


A real video company will have most of what they need, including professional cameras, lighting equipment, sound packages, sliders, dollies, jibs, and teleprompters, as well as dependable transportation to get it all to the job. Do they have a shooting studio and sound stage or do they have to rent one?


How much experience do they have? Did they go to school for production? Is one person doing the job or is it a team with producers, directors, shooters sound engineers, grips and editors?
Do they have any special skills? Do they know hospital protocol? Can they shoot in a operating room for a medical company or hospital? Are there animators or graphic artists on staff? Do they have a project coordinator or studio manager who can answer questions and help you with potential problems?


Cheaper isn’t always better. Try to find a company that gives you a good value for your budget. Talk to them about extras and get a firm quote on exactly what they are supplying including payment terms, and never pay in full for a project. The last payment should come after your project is finished to your satisfaction.

As in any profession if you can afford the professional seek them out and find a company with both the expertise and value.

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