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Fashion Video Production Boston

Fashion Video Production Boston

June 26, 2017

Lori KC and a New Fashion Line receive the “STAR TREATMENT” in her Latest Video Shoot!

Sound & Vision Media Goes High Fashion with their latest Video Production Featuring 2017 Fashion Trends.


It was so great working with Lori KC (Lori Kyler Christensen) of the LKC Collection and Noelle Spinosa McCullock  owner of  Noelle Salon, in Malden, MA who really helped make this a fun video to shoot and produce ( all footage shot on the Fabulous Red 8K Helium ) for a real high-end cinema style look and feel!

Directors of photography Scot Yount and Corey Nichols were in the zone on this shoot and great editing by Scot Yount as well.

The entire fashion video production was wrapped up at our Sound & Vision Media studios in just one night!

About Lori KC:

According to Lori, there’s one thing we can unanimously agree upon – is that happy girls are the prettiest.

There is nothing more enticing, inspiring, and attractive than a girl with a big smile on her face. It lights up a room. It makes her aura glow. It’s inviting, and warm, and creates an air of knowledge and power that you want to be around. What does she know that I don’t? If I stand next to her, will it rub off on me? Will I be able to borrow a little bit of her sunshine for myself?

What makes someone more at ease, than being greeted with a smile? Well, besides puppies and cupcakes…

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Lori’s Fashion Video Shoot…


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