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Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture Studio Shoot

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Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture Studio Shoot

June 5, 2013

30 Great Years and 30 Great Promotions

Between running the business and coordinating their active personal lives, it’s a rare opportunity these days to get the entire Rubin family together in our studio for a television commercial shoot for Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture.

We had that opportunity recently when Bernie and Phyl along with their children Rob, Larry and Michelle all came in to shoot their 30th Anniversary commercial.

The commercial for the May ad campaign begins with Bernie and Phyl reminiscing about all the old commercials they have done over the past thirty years. We shot them in our green screen studio and keyed a moving montage behind them of some of their more memorable commercials from the past.

bernie phyl's furniture - Sound and Vision Media, Revere, MAWe shot Rob, Larry and Michelle together on the green screen where they introduce the promotion: 30 Great Years and 30 Great Promotions. Obviously, we didn’t have time to list all thirty promotions in a thirty second spot, so they mention a few on camera and the entire list is put on the website,, and on posters placed around the retail stores.

The kids were keyed in front of a still image of the interior of the Saugus store and we wrap up the promotional segment by showing some beautiful furniture sets that were shot earlier at the Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture store in Nashua, NH. These furniture shots were done using our Kessler Pocket Jib and skateboard dolly with tracks to achieve a high-end look and show off the beautiful furniture.

bernie phyl's furniture - Sound and Vision Media, Revere, MAThe commercial finishes up with the entire family on screen and Phyl extending the celebration from their family to yours. The family was keyed in front of the same moving montage background as the beginning and a location specific graphic slate was placed on the end.

By combining the use of our green screen studio and on location production capabilities, we were able to produce a successful commercial for a very special occasion.

We wish the Rubin family another 30 years of success and look forward to working on more television commercials with them in the future.

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