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A-Affordable Insurance

A-Affordable Insurance

April 4, 2019

The talented team included Mark Helms and Corey Nichols from Sound and Vision Media video production and green screen, Mark Winaker from A-Affordable Auto Insurance, and Warren Palley of Palley Advertising.

We all brainstormed about how different and unique A-Affordable was from all of the other Insurance companies for car, home, renters insurance, and more.

They found several compelling reasons why everyone should insure their cars with locally-based A-Affordable as opposed to the big, impersonal, online companies. But…That wasn’t enough!

It was Warren Palley who inspired us to contact the good Doctor Alfred A. Affordable, played by Erik Rodenheiser.  Doctor A. Affordable portrays the psychiatrist that we all have been waiting for, namely, a Certified Car Insurance Therapist. Erik was recruited for a soon to be released series of six different A-Affordable Auto Insurance television commercials.

In this chapter, you can see the good doctor and his young patient that has been losing sleep because of her insurance problems.

She is quite confused after shopping for all of the big on-line insurance companies. However, lucky for her, Doctor A. Affordable has the exact prescription she needs!

You need insurance to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

But that shouldn’t mean you need to drain your bank account to get the coverage you need. At A-Affordable Insurance Agency, we help men, women, and young adults in Massachusetts get the peace of mind they need without paying an arm and a leg to get it.

Whether you want broad coverage for the best protection available or you just want what’s required by law to stay legal, our agents can help you select the insurance products that meet your needs, including helping you save money on costly Boston car insurance. We also help high-risk drivers – new drivers as well as those with bad driving records – get coverage at a cost they can afford. And if you’ve had your insurance canceled, our agents know how to find you a new policy that will offer you the protection you want.

Need commercial drivers’ insurance? No problem. We have lots of experience finding the right insurance coverage for commercial drivers whose risk profiles may be more complex.



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